The Moonhouse

The Moonhouse is the first art project on the Moon and the only one of its kind in the world. The aim is to inspire people to push through mental barriers and broaden their perception of what is possible. The target is to place a house on the Moon – a red house white corners that will bring the barren, dead moonscape to life. The Moonhouse is a seamless meeting between culture and technology, art and science, history and the future but above all between space and mankind. It is a carefully planned art project that aims to place a self-constructing house on the surface of the Moon in October 2015, with the help of Astrobotics.

The Moonhouse seeks to inspire people to push through our mental boundaries and change the perception of what is possible. Everyone in the world has their own personal Moonhouse – a representation of challenges and goals and how we achieve them.

Historically, space has belonged to an exclusive few. The Moonhouse is a democratic art project in space where everyone is welcome to participate and help create a unique symbol for what people together can achieve. The Moonhouse allows space to become more accessible to everyone in bringing man closer to the Moon.

Artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg initiated The Moonhouse in 2003. Since then, it has continued to fascinate people, generating a great deal of publicity world wide, and bringing an international reputable network of prominent scientists, space engineers, politicians and prominent executives in the private sector.

The Moonhouse is currently up to 75% complete, much thanks to Sweden’s elite space engineers who have invested years of their own time and effort to realize the vision of the house. The American aerospace company Astrobotic, who are in collaboration with NASA, have committed to the challenge of taking the house to the Moon. The trip is due to commence in October 2015. The Moonhouse, which earlier on turned to politicians and companies for help, lost its spark in 2010 due to the financial crisis. For that reason the art project has been on hold.

The digital progression of the past few years has created new opportunities for The Moonhouse to reach and engage people around the world through crowdfunding.

In 2014 Falu Rödfärg, the epitomy of Swedish heritage in a can and the traditional colour of houses all over Sweden, marks its 250th anniversary. The history of this unique colour can be traced all the way back to the 1500s. The paint that has been produced by Falu Rödfärg since 1764, contains the same, natural pigmentation from the Falun mine, which gives it a distinct deep red colour. In celebration of their 250th anniversary, Falu Rödfärg supports The Moonhouse – the first art project on the Moon, enabling a global crowdfunding initiative.

In order to realize The Moonhouse, 100 million SEK need to be collected. From this, 70 million is the cost for the ticket to the Moon via Astrobotic’s moon lander in October 2015, and 30 million for the completion of the house and its construction in a weightless environment. The money will be funded through a global crowdfunding during 2014. Everyone who supports The Moonhouse will be offered various rewards. Perhaps the largest incentive to join The Moonhouse is the opportunity to get your name written on the inside walls of the house. The bigger the support, the closer we can bring The Moonhouse to the Moon. The distance is 384 000 kilometres, which means that 1 USD will take The Moonhouse 25 metres closed to its goal.