The First Art Project on The Moon!

Everything started 15 years ago, when artist Mikael Genberg first heard that the Swedish Space Corporation was planning to construct a satellite to be launched into orbit around the Moon. Four years and a phone call later the seemingly impossible idea became reality. The first art project on The Moon – a red house with white corners that would bring the barren, dead moonscape to life - had started its journey.

Together we can change the game in space

The financial crisis had its affect on many. An art project on the Moon stood as no exception. But there is a new dawn rising. The digital and social media revolution of the past few years has acted as a game changer, creating new opportunities for The Moonhouse to reach and engage people all over the world. The original supplier of the red paint that colors the typical Swedish house, Falu Rödfärg this year celebrates 250 years by supporting The Moonhouse with a global crowdfunding. For the first time in history, people and not states will fund a mission to the Moon. Thanks to the ambitious crowdfunding initiative The Moonhouse can be realized  – a red house with white corners on the Moon.

Much more than just an art project

The Moonhouse is more than just an art project. The aim is to inspire people to push through mental barriers and broaden their perception of what we can make possible. The Moonhouse is a democratic art project, where everyone is welcome to participate and create a unique symbol for what people can achieve, together. The Moonhouse makes space available to each and everyone of us. Together we can make it happen.

The Moonhouse is now on Kickstarter

It’s official! The Moonhouse – the first art project on the Moon – is now live at Kickstarter, the world’s largest platform for crowdfunding. The first target is to reach 250 000 USD in 40 days until October 28. The initiative aims to involve the American and international online community that wish to see The Moonhouse become reality. The Kickstarter campaing is part of the existing crowdfunding that runs until November 30 here at

Join now and change the game in space!


  • On Friday September 19, The Moonhouse – will initiate a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The target is to reach 250 000 USD in 40 days and the initiative aims to involve the American and international online community that wish to see The Moonhouse become reality. 

    Campaign on Kickstarter for 40 days

  • Congratulations to @mindsqueeze !!! Your shot was @wisslaren's favorite in the competition #TheMoonhouse Expedition on Instagram this month. You will get your name on The Moonhouse and a spot in the final competition, with the chance to win a trip to Chile.

  • The Moonhouse have been honored to create our own Spotify page in a partnership with Spotify.

    Do you, like us, absolutely love moon and space inspired music? Now you can listen to The Moonhouse playlists at Spotify! 

    The playlists is full of classic space and moon tunes such as Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader, Moondance by Van Morrison and Fly me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra to mention a few. 

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